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Street Fashion #13
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
It's been long since the last update as I was getting quite lazy!

Anyways, it is Seoul Fashion week in Korea currently so the country has lots of runway shows by local fashion designers.

I love that the designer used very clean and tailored clothing for the collection and yet does not forget to use colors.

 Love that cropped jacket there!

Credits: http://blog.naver.com/swingfish


Hongdae, so vibrant and lively
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
 Hongdae as we know is the favourite hangout place for young people in Seoul, especially the cool looking people who are not afraid to dress up. It reminds me of Japan's harajuku where there are many crazily dressed fashion youngsters. 

The man in the picture below with a mohawk is not a weird scene there as during my trip to Hongdae, I spotted many other punks with crazy hairdos. Hongdae is clearly a place that you can express yourself freely. 

 I also went to the free market. There's also the hope market. Both flea markets are only available on weekends and many young designers go there to sell the handmade stuff they design.

To go the flea market, just head to the children's park where there's a playground there. 

 Graffiti can be seen everywhere along the streets of Hongdae and these graffiti are always changing.

 When you're in Hongdae or Myeongdong, you can check out this cool cosmetics shop "too cool for school" that sells cosmetics and skin care products in cute and quirky illustrated packages.  Its a new Korean brand.

 Fans of Hello Kitty must check out this cafe! 

 Cafe 1010 is by design stationery shop 10x10, similar to Kosney in Korea.

 Ssangmadang, located right in the middle of the Hongik university district is a 11 storey building which sells items designed by new and unknown designers in Korea at the first level and displays artwork by Korea's contemporary artists at the other levels. It also houses a cinema, studio and live performance hall. A must to check out if you're a fan of artsy stuff. The building is hard not to be noticed by its unique exterior.

 Lots of fashion shops and coffee shops located in Hongdae.

Hongdae at night is very different from during daytime as it transforms into a lively district for night owls. The district is packed with many clubs and every last friday of the month, it is Hongdae club day. You can purchase a ticket which gives you unlimited entry into all the clubs in Hongdae area. So party animals, this is a good chance for you to go club hopping in Seoul and experience Korea's night life!

Credits: http://blog.yam.com/alronphoto

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Tranquil Hideway in a Busy City
Thursday, August 11, 2011
Seoul, though is a bustling city with a vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopping also has a peaceful side to it. Seoulites who are seeking to escape from the hustle bustle of city life are now heading to Buam-dong. Buam dong is a quiet neighbourhood with a few cafes and shops that have a tranquil and arty feel to it. I've visited the place while I was in Seoul and I really love the peaceful feel of the place. Its probably a neighbourhood of the rich too because I've spotted many wealthy looking tai tais enjoy high tea at its cafes.

I'll upload more photos of Buamdong in the future!

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Street Fashion #12
Wednesday, August 10, 2011